Meeting Secretary Notes

  • Rent Envelopes Need to Be Properly Completed

    We need your help! Our Treasurer is having a problem making heads or tails out of some of the information on the rent envelopes. So many of you do your job well, but the occasional inaccuracy can make it difficult to insure you get credit for your rent payments. Please take a moment to review these requirements:

  • Alano Club Rent Envelope
  • Date:
    This is the date of the meeting, e.g., 4/21/09 or April 21
    Day of the Week:
    Abbreviations are o.k.
    Meeting Name:
    Please put the name of your meeting, not the day or date.
    PRINT CLEARLY! If you are not the Secretary, write both your name and the Secretary's.
    30% Meeting:
    This is the amount of the 7th Tradition you keep for your group's use.
    This is your rent, and is the amount which is put into the envelope.
    This line will be either 70% of the 7th Tradition or $10, whichever is greater. This is your rent for the large meeting room.
    For the small room used for Al-Anon meetings the rent is 70% of the Seventh Tradition or $8, whichever is greater.
    Total Donation:
    This is the total 7th Tradition for the meeting.

    Please remember that all of the members of the Steering Committee are volunteers. Let's not make their lives any more challenging than they are. Thank you.