1.                       Persons eligible to join the ALANO Club: Alcoholics with thirty days of sobriety, Al-Anons, and their spouses.  Continuous membership is contingent upon continuous sobriety.  Any alcoholic who has forfeited his membership by failure to maintain sobriety may be reinstated after thirty days of sobriety and payment of current dues.


2.                       Persons eligible to vote at general membership meetings: Alcoholic, Al-Anons, and their spouses who have been members in good standing for a minimum of 90 days prior to any ballot.


3.                       All Club business will be decided by a simple majority of the eligible members in attendance at a general membership meeting.  Scheduled meeting dates will be posted in the Meeting Rooms at least 30 days in advance of the meeting.


4.                       Meetings of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) shall donate a minimum of $10.00  (or 70%, whichever is greater) of the 7th tradition for use of the facilities.  Donations shall be deposited in the safe at the end of each meeting by the secretary or treasurer for that meeting.  Meetings failing to fulfill their minimum “rent” obligation may be asked to close or meet somewhere else, by the Steering Committee.  All AA meetings are responsible for providing their own coffee and supplies.  Cups and a coffee maker will be provided by the Alano Club.  Secretaries are expected to leave the Club clean, coffee cups washed, floors and tables clean.


5.                       Al-Anon meetings shall donate 70% or a minimum or $8.00 of their member’s donation as they meet in a smaller room.  They are responsible for their own coffee pot, clean up, supplies and literature.


6.                        Keys to the Club will be issued to all Secretaries of authorized meetings held at the Alano Club, all members of the Board of Directors of the Hi-Desert Fellowship Inc., and the members of the Steering Committee.  A fee of $10 will be charged for lost keys.


7.                       Security:  Each AA and Al-Anon Secretary, Alano Club Board and Steering Committee members are responsible for the security of the building.  When closing up, check doors, windows, lights, heating or cooling to see that everything is turned off, closed and locked.  Outside security lights and one inside light (in the Al-Anon room) should be left on when closing at the night.  Persons not having official business in the Alano Club will be asked to leave the building.  Meeting Secretaries are responsible for locking the building at the end of the meetings.


8.                       No pets are allowed in the Alano Club.  The only exception will be certified service dogs, leash required.


9.                       No overnight guests are allowed in the Alano Club or on the premises.


10.                  Televisions, musical devices, and gambling are prohibited (except at authorized events, where legal).


11.                    Disabled parking is for disabled persons only with current state plate or stickers.


12.                    The Hi-Desert Alano Club is a Non-Smoking facility.  No smoking is permitted in the Club or within twenty (25) feet of the exits. 


13.                  With the exception of persons conducting Club business, all persons will be asked to leave the Club thirty (30) minutes after each meeting.  Only scheduled meetings and events approved by the Board of Directors will take place at the Alano Club.


14.                    In all cases not covered herein, the meeting secretary will exercise good judgment with the situation and inform a member of the Steering Committee or the Board of Directors at their earliest convenience.